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Calm offers both free and paid versions of their app and works to bring clarity, joy and peace to your daily life!

In addition to guided, themed meditations and breath work, Calm also offers something they call Sleep Stories, which they describe as, “tales read by well known voices to help people unwind and fall into a deep sleep.”  Not only will Calm track your meditation progress, but you can set a daily reminder to help you stay consistent with your mindfulness practice.

Get started by visiting Calm.com or downloading the app for iOS or Android.

**Calm is the mindfulness app that adaPTed Yoga team member Danielle uses!**


Headspace offers “Basic Packs” that include short, easy to follow, free guided meditations – a great tool for those new to meditation!

You can also subscribe (for a fee) to access hundreds of guided meditations focusing on everything from stress to sleep!  There are also mini meditations for when you are short on time and exercises you can use to add mindfulness to your everyday tasks!

Get started by visiting Headspace.com or downloading the app for iOS or Android.


Insight Timer is a free popular meditation app that offers guided meditations from over 1,000 teachers!  Listen to talks and podcasts on topics such as self-compassion, stress management, and mindfulness; or meditate on your own using a timer.

When you are done with your meditation the app displays the number of people that were simultaneously meditating with you!  There are even options to put in your location and see other meditators nearby or add your friends and track their meditation activity for inspiration!

Get started by downloading the Insight Timer app for iOS or Android .

Aura App.jpg

Aura is a great app for beginners, and it only requires 3 minutes of your day!

Everyday you will have a new 3 minute meditation that is personalized based on how you are feeling – you can choose from feeling “Great”, “Okay”, “Stressed”, “Anxious” and “Sad”, or you can simply hit “Just Mediate”.  When you are done you can save the guided meditation to your profile for future use if you enjoyed it!

Get started by downloading the Aura app for iOS or Android.

Stop Breath Thing

Stop, Breathe & Think is a free mindfulness tool that provides guided meditations lasting anywhere from 3 minutes to over 20 minutes.  Before you begin to meditate, the app asks you to “check in” and rate how you are physically, mentally and emotionally feeling.  Based on how you are feeling, they curate a list of personalized meditations for you – you can play just one or listen to them all!

Stop, Breathe & Think also offers a section titled “Learn To Meditate” that educates users on the science behind meditation and mindfulness – learn the basics of meditation, how to practice daily, and what happens in your brain and body when you mediate.

Get started by downloading the free Stop, Breathe & Think app for iOS or Android.


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