Teaching Yoga to Amputees

This week in school we’re covering limb loss and prosthetics and it reminded me of the great Yoga for Amputees workshop I took last spring at the Accessible Yoga Conference in New York.  The workshop was taught by Marsha Danzig, a below the knee amputee for over 40 years who has been teaching yoga and dance for over 30 years!  

Yoga for Amputees

During the workshop we were each given a piece of paper with the amputation we’d be practicing with that day.  It was so interesting to explore how to modify and adapt the yoga poses to make them accessible for individuals with varying limb loss and this technique of “practicing” yoga with mobility differences is something I’ve used since to prepare for working with my adaPTed yoga participants!

Believe in Possibility

With Marsha’s permission I’m sharing a helpful list of her 10 Ten Tips for Teaching Yoga to Amputees, I hope you find it as helpful as I do!

Danielle Signature


You can learn more about Marsha and her Yoga for Amputees trainings

by visiting her website or connecting with her on social media:

Yoga for Amputees




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