What is Adapted Yoga?

Hi everyone, Danielle here!  Today I’d like to share with you my philosophy as a yoga teacher and my vision for adaPTed Yoga – enjoy!

Part of my philosophy when teaching yoga is that all yoga should be adapted for YOUR body.

Yes, there are pictures of what poses “traditionally” look like, but not all bodies are shaped the same and not all bodies have access to the same mobility.  Therefore, it only makes sense that yoga poses should look different on different people. The work should be to have the intention of the pose fit your body, not your body fit the physical shape of a pose.

So, according to my philosophy of yoga, if all yoga should be adapted to your body, then all yoga is adapted yoga!

Adapted Yoga

You’ll notice that in our logo we capitalize the “P” and “T” in “adaPTed”.  This represents our commitment to our future as physical therapists and our belief that the benefits of yoga can be incorporated into therapeutic treatment.  We believe that our academic and clinical knowledge as physical therapy students (and future PT’s!) can be incorporated into yoga as well, so we folded the “PT” right into the name!

AY logo color update 3

As a future physical therapist, I believe in the importance of movement and feel that with a little patience and creativity activity can be accessible to any population and any body type through variations and individual modifications.

As a yoga teacher I have had many people tell me they “can’t” do yoga.  I generally reply, “that’s great, because I teach yoga to people who think they can’t do yoga!”

Since yoga is fundamentally a combination of mindfulness and linking breath and movement, I firmly believe if you can breathe, you can practice yoga and our mission through adaPTed Yoga is to show you how!

Mission Statement

We’ll be sharing everything from pose adaptation ideas, to student and teacher interviews and reviews of relevant research. 

If there’s something specific you’re interested in, or a specific pose you’re curious about adaptations for, let us know and we’ll add it to our (growing) list of things to cover!

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